Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter from Katelyn

FAMILY ! : ) 

Wow I know this has been such a roller coaster of events, but I want to say thank you SO MUCH for your love and support through all of this! I know it can´t be easy!!!

Beautiful palm trees!!

I hope everyone has had amazing birthdays, and had an amazing Easter!!!!! Yes, they don´t really celebrate it here sadly... ha at least how we do! I hope you all had such a great time with the family and being all together!!! Yesterday we sang in Sacrament Meeting I know my Savior lives for Easter Sunday. Such an incredible experience. I testify that I know my Savior lives. I am so incredibly grateful for his sacrifice for each and every one of us. For completely obeying the Father´s will! I know he loves me and knows me inside and out! I have come to learn more about him every day! I love my Savior so very much!

A beautiful bridge we walk across each day!

This has been an incredible experience and I have learned so much! I can´t wait to share with all of you my experiences and all the things that I have learned! I can´t wait to see you all, and to also continue my relationship with Taylor.
I know that I need to come home and see what our future holds! :)

JORDAN IS ENGADGED!?!?!?!??!?!?!!? Are you kidding me!!??!?!?!?!? Oh my word. I am so extremely happy and exited for her!!!!!!! PLEASE let her know of my love and my excitement for her and Antonio!!!!! I just got her letter and a letter from her family this week so please tell them thank you for me! :) SO EXITING! 

Yes, we are organized, ready to go and do

This week has been so great. We have taught so many lessons and yesterday gave out so many copies of the Book of Mormon. We had a bunch of chocolate eggs so we used that as our way into many homes yesterday.

In one lesson we were teaching this week we were talking about eternal families. Hermana Pereira said Hermana Smith has been privileged to be born into this gospel and to have a family all sealed together for eternity. So then I bore testimony what this gospel has done for our family. And how extremely grateful I am for parents who love each other and for the knowledge that we can be together forever! I really am so grateful for each and every one of you! Thank you for your constant and unfailing love for me. You are in my prayers constantly.

Dad I hope work is going well, mom keep brightening others day with your beautiful smile, Conner and Tanner keep having fun and being kids... but be good for mom and dad. Austin and Lauren I hope you had a wonderful time together away this past weekend!

I’ve tried many exotic fruits this week, fig, tuna...unreal. We went to the Faria with Hermana Medalla from the ward and helped her carry all her produce...all the fruits and veggies here are HUGE!!!!
the Faria

Yesterday dogs chased us... first time so far. We came out of teaching a lesson to Jose (first lesson about the Book of Mormon and Baptism and he accepted the baptismal invatation!!!) and 3 dogs were waiting at the top of the hill. H. Pereira picked up a stick but that didn´t really scare them off... not thinking and panicked I just started running. hahaha dumb move. So they chased me of course. One was trying to bite my legs over and over again finally we out ran them. I seriously was so shaky. IT WAS TERRIFYING! HA Wow in the eyes of those watching it was probably very hilarious!

The Chilean people love crocks... the shoes every time I see them I just smile and think of Grandma Smith!
 Santa Ines

They love their bread here... I´m trying to convince the barrio to have an activity “MAN SHOULD NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE” and have everyone bring their bread and then do like a scripture game. ha I was trying to explain it to Hermana Pereira but she didn´t really understand...

The familia Fredes is this huge family that I absolutely love in nuestro barrio! We had lunch with them yesterday. HUGE. Then passing by their house on our way home last night we saw the car of our investigators Janet and Diego at their house... so we made up the excuse we needed to use their bathroom to get in and teach them. Surprise CITA! :) It was the twins turning 40 in their family birthday and they invited us to stay for cake. WOW so much more food!

My first Completo... so big I couldn't finish it!!

They are so intrigued by my sock bun down here that I demonstrated I think 50 times yesterday alone.  I offered my sock for Manuel because it was his birthday... but like dad, he is bald. Ha They all started laughing and joked asking Hermana Pereira if she had an even amount of socks!   We have another appointment with them tonight! Teaching the restoration, it has been an incredible experience.

We are also teaching women named Carmen the restoration and after sharing the first vision she just began balling. The spirit was so strong! She wasn´t able to attend church because her daughter, from Santiago came into town, but we hope she attends general conference this week because we really focused on the importance of prophets!!!! 

RO HAY HU. I love you in GUADANI
Thank you all so much for your love and support!!!! I cannot wait to see you soon!!!! !
Hermana Katelyn Smith :) :) 

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