Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flying to Chile Monday Feb 25th

It was such an amazing day getting to talk to Katelyn before she got on the plane to Chile!!
Saw this on Facebook Monday morning!! So exciting!!
Kelsey Baerposted to----to Katelyn Nicole Smith
Saw Hermana Smith this morning at the airport! She looked excited, fresh and so eager to head out to Chile!! She was literally beaming with the Spirit! It was so fun seeing her with the huge group of missionaries flying out today to Vina Del Mar! I hugged her and sent her love from her family and friends as she sent love back! So happy for her!
Katelyn called at about 3:00p.m. from the Miami airport.  She said I already feel as though I'm in another country in Miami.  Every sign is in Spanish, every announcement is in Spanish.  She said she loved the MTC, she was so grateful for her companion, and she was so excited to get to Chile.  She was so grateful for all the letters, packages and prayers.  She truly has felt so loved by all.

She said" I have been so nervous thinking about how to start talking about the gospel  to people."  She didn't know if she could do that.  So a beautiful (tender mercy) took place from Dallas to Miami.  Katelyn was seated by the window, a women from Peru who spoke no English, was in the middle seat and an Elder was sitting on the isle.  
Katleyn said" hello" to the women from Peru. So Katelyn said to herself  "here goes my Spanish."   Katelyn asked her some questions, the Elder asked her some questions.  She asked Katelyn what all these sister's and elders were doing.  So Katelyn started to tell her  what a missionary does.   The Elder and Katelyn starting talking to her about the Restoration of the Gospel, the First Vision, Baptism, the Plan of Salvation, the Book of Mormon.   She was catholic and said she only recited one prayer.  So they taught her how to pray.  Katelyn said" as we sat on this airplane I asked her if she would say a prayer."  Katelyn said a prayer first., then the Elder said a prayer.  Then Luz (which in Spanish means Light) said a simple prayer.  Her eyes filled with tears, she opened her coat and touched her heart.  Katelyn said" how do you feel. " Luz said" I've never felt anything like this in my life.  I feel so happy!  I feel it in my heart. "  Katelyn read in the Book of Mormon in 3rd Nephi where Christ comes to the America's with her.  As the plane descended they asked around for a Spanish Book of Mormon.  Katelyn wrote down a couple of sciptures for her to read.  Challenged her to read the Book of Mormon & contact the missionaries in Peru. She said she would.   Katelyn then wrote on a napkin, Heavenly Father loves you so much and stuck the napkin into 3rd Nephi.  Hugged her and  got off the plane.  

She said "it was an amazing experience.  I want to talk to everyone I meet now about the gospel. " She said " I don't know very much Spanish.  However I understood Luz and she understood me."  

How great a love our Heavenly Father has for us when we give ourselves to him.  To serve with all our might, mind and strength. He makes up the difference.  Katelyn truly felt His love.  She is a missionary on fire! 

More to come......

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