Monday, March 4, 2013

1st Letter from Chile

We are so excited to hear from Katelyn!! After talking with her on Monday we had not heard any information from her, or the mission.  So as a mother does, I started to worry.  On Friday in my prayers that morning I prayed and prayed that I would know that she was safe and sound.  Friday evening we received a wonderful email.  All it said was Hola, we are glad to have Sister Smith with us safe and sound.  The exact words from my prayer.  I am so mindful that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.  He is mindful of each word we say.  He answers and know us as individuals! I testify that I know this is true!  (tender mercy)

Leaving the MTC onto Chile!! 3:30 a.m.

 Leaving the MTC

¡HOLA mi querida FAMILIA! (Hello my dear family)
WOW!!!!. it´s crazy that I am in Chile!!!!!! Fully Immersed in the language, comida, (food) culture. EVERYTHING! 

 It was so amazing talking to you all on the phone at the airport, I miss all of you so much! Hearing your voices was amazing! 

That experience we had on the plane with the lady from Peru was absolutely incredible! The spirit was so strong. 

The first day here was very busy. We drove to a lookout that overlooks Valpariso and Vina del mar. It was foggy but it was beautiful. Then we went to the Reloj de Flores and took a mission picture with the President and his wife! They are honestly incredible. I swear Predident Kahlein could be a general Authority. They are extremely strict but amazing. 

One of the rules is that we are only allowed to email our families. AND besides that we get mail once a month! So please tell Jordan and Cassidy, I love them and to write me. 
Also Taylor Happy Birthday from me!!! Please tell him I love him and to write me.  Muchas Gracias! 

The first night here Hermana Pendleton and I shared a room in a hotel in Viña and tried our first... a Chilean nighttime snack? ha 

The next day we had an orientation. President speaks a lot of english not well but enough to get his point across. ha the whole orientation was in spanish so hopefully I understood the main points. After we all met in the Church 4 Norte 1112 Viña del Mar for a changing meeting. A couple Elders and Hermanas bore their testimonies and then the President began to announce where everyone was assigned. The moment they call your name you have to get up and leave. So Hermana Pendleton and I never really got a goodbye.  We aren´t allowed to write other missionaries in the mission. SO could you please just let her family know, and tell her I love her and miss her a lot!!!  

My name was called and my companion is Hermana Pereira from Paraguay. Ha she is so sweet. She is 25 years old almost 26 .  A little bit older than me!  She doesn´t speak a lick of English! ha we are assigned to the area of Reñaca here in Viña. 
My new companion!!

Necacitamos la dicionaro siempre!!!  (We need the dictionary all the time) It is a brand new area because the people are very wealthy and it is close to the beach. Yeah it´s like RIGHT on the beach. We aren´t allowed to go out on the beach, mission rules, but last night we walked along the board walk! 

The sunset was absolutely beautiful! The people here are so extremely nice! I swear we are always hugging and kissing and so on....  We do not have many investigators only 4 right now because it is a new area and no missionaries have been here before. There are 3 families here in Reñaca that are members and then yesterday we met an inactive member that lives here. She was absolutely incredible and so sweet. She kept saying that we are an answer from God. 

WE are going back to teach her again this week!
Oh p.s. P-days are on mondays! Yeah they definitely do not speak Spanish here. I feel so bad for my companion because having lunch with the members or doing contacts I kind of just smile and try to participate as much as I can. But I can never even follow where the conversation is going! ha She says I need to talk more but the problem is that I don´t even know what we are talking about! ha wow. 

Sunday at the Church

Walking the path to one of the members homes

It´s very overwhelming. I understand a word here and there but not enough to understand what´s happening. Apparently we are receiving 30 new sisters in 5 weeks and all the new sisters will be the trainers. In 5 weeks I will be a trainer.  Please pray for me so I can do my best.  This gives me a lot of anxiety because I still don´t understand the language, the money, when our district leader calls on the phone, where we are going. I just follow and smile.  I think about my farewell talk preach the gospel and if necessary use words... ha yep. Definitely just have to smile it out. During the day I feel so overwhelmed sometimes especially in the houses of the Chileans because I really don´t understand much! They speak so fast!!!! 

I know that with the Lord all things are possible, I have to keep having faith in that because sometimes here I feel so alone! But I know the Lord is with me!  This keyboard is so hard to write on and we don´t have anytime. But the people are beautiful and so is Reñaca!!!! I love you all so very much!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!!!! 
I am praying for you!!! Thanks for your prayers they are very much needed right now! 
xoxoxo Hermana Smith 
I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! a few things... Here they call me snow white or barbie some say I look like a celebrity!?!?!!? hahaha crazy people!  Also never thought this day would come... I like Tomatoes! Only been here what... 6 days and I love Tomatoes. hahaha so crazy. Hermana Pereira is taking longer on the computer so I figured I would also! Might as well!  The buses her are crazy! I feel like I might die everytime we ride them, which is multiple times every day! There are dogs EVERYWHERE!!!! ha Cameron Brunt was right. many dogs... ha. con Pulgas. (with fleas) NASTYYY.

The members here are so strong and so sweet.  don´t know what they are saying but they are so strong! Bore my testimony and we introduces ourselves to the ward yesterday, I think I forgot all the Spanish I know and the ward probably thought I am nuts. well got to go. love love love

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