Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hermana Smith

WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT I WOULD EVER TURN 20!?!?!?!?! So crazy! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes and the package! HAPPY BIRHTDAY to Conner and Lauren this week!!!
Thank you so incredibly much for your constant love and support for me! I cannot thank you enough! Dad thank you for all the words of encouragement.

 My district:)

 This week we found about 10 new investigators.  I truly believe the Lord prepares the hearts of men to hear the message of the gospel.
 Many of our investigators are young girls. Monsuratt is about 12 years old, yesterday we taught her about the importance of baptism and she said she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized but not any time soon. We are working on her.  The less active Monica we found came to church on Sunday with us and had a great experience. The ward members are all so welcoming and loving! Again, seeing the conditions some of these people live in is SO INCREDIBLY humbling!

 Making yummy food!

A reference we received from the elders the other day we called. His name is Cihefredo and was just a street contact and in 5 min accepted the invitation to be baptized!!!! When we called him to ask when we can start teaching him he answered oh YES THE MISSIONARIES!!!! When is my baptism!!?!?!?!? WOW!!!! SUCH incredibly strong faith! The spirit of the Lord is definitely leading us to those who are ready! I have a testimony that this is his work!!

The Cutest Familia Ever, with the happiest baby,  la fairia

I´m learning many of the customs here. DAD, a lot of your habits are acquired from here I’m learning! hahaha pointing with their lips. There love for sausage, meat, and crackers... hahaha. I can only help but think of you. They feed us as missionaries SO MUCH FOOD!  but we do a lot of walking.

Making empanadas!!! Noche de hogar con la familia Medalla.  Marie Jose their daughter accepted the baptismal date for March 30th from the elders.

The Chilean people are so sweet. To greet you they kiss each other on the cheek. They LOVE to talk... you ask them one question and they will just go off.... ha the problem is following where they go!  The members of the ward call me tomato head because of my infamous bun head.

The sunsets here are beautiful! Every sunset I whip out my camera and my companion asks do you not have sunsets in the United States... ha clearly she doesn´t understand my love for them. hahaha. She is so great and so patient with me. She has taught me so incredibly much concerning people. That they are souls not numbers!!!

They are obsessed with toy story down here... all the kids have toy story dolls and toys. We do a lot of contacting in the plazas. It´s hard here because many of the people are visiting and on vacation. The houses are all gated in and so are all the apartments, we have to be buzzed in. This makes it difficult to tocar puertas... We yell through the gate HALOOOOOO! Really loud. My companion says I´m bad at it because my voice sounds like a 10 year old. ha. I’m working of the power part of it!

The stars here I have a question about... ha dad you said you would look up and they would be completely different... the other night I looked up and there was ORIN!!!! ha I was a little confused!?!?

Dogs are like box elder bugs here. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! I now understand All of Cameron’s pictures!  The temperature here I don´t know what it is exactly. But in the morning it´s really cold and in the afternoon about 6ish it gets really hot. Ha but I swear I’m always cold! Our pention is small but quaint.

Yes, this is a real spider!! Yikes

This dog follows us around everywhere!! This is also what the gated homes look like!

I had a great birthday, and don´t feel 20 years old at all. My companion woke me up singing happy birthday in English. The people here all really try to experiment their English with me.  She put a candle in my cereal! For lunch we ate with Naomi and her daughter Javiera. They are the sweetest they made a huge lunch, with brownies and candles and Javiera gave me a necklace and earings from Chile. They were so thoughtful and definitely made my birthday!

Yesterday we had a conference with the Mission President and one other zone. There were about 30 of us and 6 of us Hermana companionships! I understood the gist of what was going on. Hearing everyone’s testimonies was so powerful and the spirit was definitely present! We did a lot of role playing and practices! A LOT! But I really need as much practice as I can get! The president and his wife are so powerful and have such strong testimonies! I am so grateful for their love and support!

I´m trying really hard to be here in body and spirit. I want to do the will of the Lord!  I’m Praying hard for the guidance of the spirit each day. Because without it, I know I can do nothing. I’m so very grateful for you as my family.  Thank you so much for your constant prayers and concern for me.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! When in members homes my favorite thing along with bearing my testimony is showing pictures of my beautiful family. I know I am so blessed to have the family I do!

CONNER 16 years old.... WOWOWOWWW!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!! AND LAUREN ALSO HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!!!!!! You both should be getting cards soon. 
Don´t know when with this funky mail system but know there are cards coming for you! 

Mom and Dad thank you so much! Dad I hope you are feeling better concerning your health! I´m sorry you were sick! Mom continue being that light I know you are in so many peoples lives. So many people ask me do you miss your mom. And I want you to know that I miss you so incredibly much! You are my hero and my example. Thank you for everything!!!! 
Con mucho amor your daughter, 
Hermana SMITH 

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